SJ Bike Party Rolling Through Willow Glen Tonight

Tonight’s installation of the monthly SJ Bike Party is along a route from Happy Holly/Kelly Park out to Vasona and back, so it will pass through the heart of Willow Glen right down Lincoln Avenue — twice! The Bike Party is a serious spectacle, with thousands of bicyclists in costume and lights and bells cheering “Bike Party!” as they merrily (too merrily for some) roll along the streets of San Jose.

Of course the Bike Party makes a lot of noise and that many bikes on the street are bound to introduce some temporary traffic issues while they make their way through town, but it’s nothing at all like San Francisco’s “Critical Mass” thing which maliciously aims to tie up traffic during commute hours — Bike Party’s goal is to ride as safely and unobtrusively as possible. If you’re into it, hop on your bike and ride along or stand along the route to cheer them on. If you’re not, stay inside your house and exercise patience for a few minutes. : )

The theme of tonight’s ride is “That 70s Ride”: “It’s time to dig out your bellbottoms (make sure they don’t get caught in the chain) and find your platform shoes. Think disco, leisure suits, big hair, mood rings, pet rocks, and all-steel bikes.” Their site provides all kinds of info about the ride: theme, rules, feeder rides, the works.

Their Route Through Willow Glen

  • The ride starts at 8:00 and they’ll pretty quickly enter Willow Glen on Willow Street, hang a left to come down Lincoln before turning right on Minnesota down to Meridian and then out toward Vasona.
  • A few hours later (and a little bit louder) the return leg will come back into town via Hamilton/Pine, turn left on Lincoln and then right on Willow to get ’em back to their start point.

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