Anybody want a FREE HOUSE? The historic yellow fixer upper in the far corner of…

Anybody want a FREE HOUSE? The historic yellow fixer upper in the far corner of the OSH parking lot is yours for the taking, and according to WGNA the owners will even cover the cost of moving it! Limited time offer, act fast. : )

Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) - The Original Store Gets Update
NOTICE: LIMITED TIME OFFER: The old house at the corner of Royal Drive at Auzerais Streets is now being offered free, including moving expenses, to a person requesting the house. The house sits at the corner of the @[197959355366:274:Orchard Supply Hardware] (OSH) parking lot.

The plaque reads:
This two story residential building is available to the public to relocate within 30 days. If you are interested please send your request to the following email: TED@OPPIDAN.COM"

At the bottom of the collage is a picture that looks west from Bird Avenue along Auzerais Street. Auzerais Street will be the frontage street for the new OSH building.

See the related album:
UPDATE as of Sunday 26 May 2013: The Planning Director's Hearing Agenda for the City of San Jose includes a Special Use Permit regarding the Orchard Supply development on the northwest corner of Auzerais & Royal Avenue. It is "to allow the demolition of an existing two-story vacant residential structure on a 0.1 acre site in the CIC Combined Industrial/Commercial Zoning District. WGNA plans on attending this meeting, since OSH no longer is standing by its previous agreements that were conveyed by OSH with regards to the demolition of the old yellow house on the property, as well as the old railroad box car. Page 7 of this Agenda includes item SP13-010 as regards DEMOLITION of the old house. The old box car is not mentioned here, but WGNA would like to address it. (As for the old neon sign along San Carlos street, OSH says they intend to keep it). The draft for item SP13-010 on the city's agenda is also included in this album presentation. * * * * As of late DEC 2012: A Notice of Development Proposal by the City of San Jose was placed for the Orchard Supply Hardware. The property is located at the southwest corner of West San Carlos Street & Royal Avenue (720 West San Carlos Street and 655 Auzerais Avenue. A new, larger OSH building proposed to replace the old. Related post here: Rob Zolezzi, reminded us of an earlier post by WGNA: "This picture is from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- San Jose Public Library; as it was found on microfiche at the San Jose State University Special Collections & Archives, therein. The image shows baseball legend Babe Ruth, "the Bambino," as hundreds of fans watched a game in which he hit a ball that cleared the fence in Sodality Park, San Jose, of the year 1927..." Read the full story at link provided. See Mr. Zolezzi's comment here: "My Grandfather Vincent Zolezzi once owned this property when it was a baseball park called Sodality Ballpark. When my Father was 14 years old he was the Bat Boy for an exhibition game played there that included Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. My Grandfather sold the property in the '40s to OSH."