WG Siena Bistro at Lexus of Stevens Creek?

Great food for a great cause

Super tasty food!
Self taught chef, Dave Weisner creates impressive flavors and now enters into competition against formally  trained chefs.


David (Dave) Weisner of Siena Bistro is one of the chefs going to be featured at the second annual Chefs of Compassion through West Valley Food Community Services.

The event draws 200+ people at $100 each to taste foods created by local chefs from selected ingredients found at the food bank. There are four courses and each chef is featured in a short film at the event held this year at Lexus of Steven Creek in San Jose.

Dave was filmed today (the one day a week Siena is closed- although we give him a hard time that he needs to be open on Mondays!) and the event is slated for September 14, 2012. Good food for a great cause!

For more information: http://www.chefsofcompassion.org/


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