Show Willow Glen Your Support in the Metro’s 2015 “Best of Silicon Valley”

metrotwittericon_400x400The Metro Silicon Valley’s annual “Best of Silicon Valley” survey is out, and there’s lots of Willow Glen restaurants, shops and service providers nomiated so let’s show some love for our Willow Glen businesses!

Go to to vote for your favorites from this list or fire up a “write in” campaign for a favorite you think’s been overlooked.

  • Best Restaurant, Culinary Experience: Dry Creek Grill, Ristorante Fratello, The Table, Vin Santo
  • Best Chef: Jim Stump, The Table
  • Best Dining Value: Aqui, Bill’s, Blue Rock, Blue Water, Giorgio’s, Opa!, Willow Street Pizza
  • Best Small Restaurant: John’s of Willow Glen
  • Best Family Restaurant: Aqui, Bill’s, Giorgios, Main Street Burgers, Willow Street Pizza
  • Best Restaurant Patio: Aqui Willow Glen, Bill’s Cafe, Willow Street Pizza
  • Best Latin American Restaurant: Tlaquepaque
  • Best Italian Fine Dining: Ristorante Fratello, Vin Santo
  • Best Mediterranean/Green Restaurant: John’s of Willow Glen, Opa!, Souvlaki Greek Skewers
  • Best Steakhouse: Dry Creek Grill, Sam’s BBQ
  • Best Barbecue Restaurant: Blue Rock, Sam’s, Wings Dip
  • Best Vegaterian Restaurant: Plant-Based Pizza
  • Best Pho: Pho Wagon
  • Best Thai Restaurant:  Thai Spice,
  • Best Seafood: Blue Water, Puerto Azul
  • Best Sushi: Kazoo, Yuki
  • Best Burger: Main Street, Mojo, Stumpy’sBest Pizza (Independent): Bibo’s, Jake’s, Plant-Based, Willow Street
  • Best Deli/Sandwich Shop: Amato’s, La Villa, Paradiso’s, Willow Glen Meats
  • Best Donuts: Manley’s
  • Beat Ice Cream/Gelato: Powell’s Sweet Shoppe
  • Best Frozen Yogurt: Willow Glen Creamery, Yogurt Cove
  • Best Caterer: Blue Rock, Gunther’s, Sam’s BBQ
  • Best Small Theater Compnay: Willow Glen Children’s Theatre
  • Best Small Music Venue: Willow Den
  • Best Pre-Sharks Game Spot: Rookie’s
  • Best Local Winery: Clos LaChance, Coterie
  • Best Sports Bar: Rookie’s
  • Best Craft Cocktails: Dry Creek Grill, Hay Market, The Table, Vin Santo
  • Best Martinis: Dry Creek Grill, Opa!, The Table
  • Best Moscow Mules: Dry Creek Grill, The Table
  • Best Margarita: Aqui
  • Best Place to Play Pool: Willow Den
  • Best Bicycle Shop: Hyland Family Bicycles, Mike’s Bikes, Willow Glen Bicycles
  • Best Antique Shop: Willow Glen Collective
  • Best Clothing Boutique: Bella James, Ibiss, It’s a Girl Thing
  • Best Thrift Shop: Our Secret
  • Best Vintage Clothing Shop: Park Place Vintage
  • Best Lingerie Store: Bella James, Curvy Girl
  • Best Jewelry Store: Mann’s Jewelers
  • Best Pet Store: Gussied Up,
  • Best Pet Trainer: Stacy’s Wag ‘N Train
  • Best Toy Store: Time Tunnel Toys
  • Best Independent Bookstore: Hicklebee’s
  • Best Comics Store: Hijinx Comics
  • Best Independent Hardware Store: Hassett Ace Willow Glen
  • Best Yoga Studio: Willow Glen Yoga
  • Best Health Club: San Jose Athletic Club
  • Best Dentist: Dr. Linh Bauer, Dr. Kaz Uyesugi, Willow Glen Dentistry
  • Best Family Lawyer: Brooke Blecher

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