Graham Field

Built in 1935, Graham Field was a baseball park located along Willow Street a few blocks east of Highway 87 — Willow Street on the north, Mastic on the east, Goodyear to the south, and Almaden Road on the West. The intersection of Graham and Goodyear was near home plate, and Graham Ave. runs right through what would have been center field.

When Joe DiMaggio played semi-pro baseball he played often at Graham, and later in his career as a NY Yankee he returned to Graham field in the off-season to play celebrity Donkey Baseball fund raising events.

With capacity of 1,200, Graham Field outsold San Jose Municipal Stadium (where the San Jose Giants play today) even after Muni opened in 1942 because Graham had a canopy. Unfortunately Graham Field was a wooden structure, and was destroyed by fire in 1947.

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