The Magical Willow Trees on Willow

For many years a family on Willow Street, across from Bramhall Park near Meridian, would turn two giant Willow trees in their front yard into a wonderfully festive display, as you can see below. According to long-time Willow Glenner Mark Bowlby, one of the trees died shortly before they moved, and the new owners were advised that stringing lights along all the branches, while beautiful, was quite harmful to the trees.

Mark took these pictures in 1999, the last year the two-tree display was lit up in all its glory. Thanks for sharing, Mark! The house still puts up a very nice display worth checking out, but we thought old-timers would like to see this blast from the past, and newer neighbors should see what all the fuss is about!

Domus was Lawrence's Drugstore
Map to Charming Willow Glen Holiday Lights