1615 Dry Creek Dr.

Willow Glen History Night

Willow Glen’s first history night was a huge success. Mon., Feb 6, 2012 the WG library community room was packed with  a well organized crowd of 60+ people who love Willow Glen! Don’t worry, apparently there was a waiting list of 50 other residents that could not get in, so they will likely do it again.

Pamela Bliss is the Operations Manager of the Farrington Historical Foundation and lead us through the amazing history of the prominent Willow Glen family known as the Kirks and later the Farrington family who lived in one of the first homes in Willow Glen still standing at 1615 Dry Creek Rd. across from Booksin Elementary. The house was built in 1878 and suffered some damage in the 1906 earthquake and was repaired and expanded to its current 5,000+ sq ft with basement on 2 acres. It is currently used as headquarters for the Junior League. Unfortunately, they do not offer tours although, I would guess you could get a few peeks in if you got involved in Junior League or supported their events.

The Kirk family owned was once close to 1,000 acres they bought at about $8 an acre in the 1850’s. The land was fertile but had little water so the kirks created irrigation systems called the Kirk Ditch Co. With that in place, the fruit industry and the Kirk pocketbook flourished. Peaches, cherries, prunes were some of the popular crops in the area, much of which was sold under the SD Farrington label. As time moved forward, the land was sold to various farmers and later to developers.

The Farrington Foundation was put together by the generous and well loved Dorothy Farrington, and has granted $2.2 million since the mid 1990’s and are open to all grant requests (although, they are especially fond of grant requests that focus on animal welfare, the environment and historical preservation).

For more information contact: Farrington Historical Foundation P.O. Box 6598 San Jose, CA 95150 408 264-8258

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