Hey Willow Glen, Water Your Winter Gardens!

A few words of wisdom from your friendly neighborhood master gardener Nancy Garrison,
who’s also one of our helpful “Neighbors in the Know!”

I wanted to urge folks to make sure to water your winter gardens, as even dormant deciduous fruit trees actually stay dormant for only a short while, maybe a month to a month and a half. Once root activity begins, the trees need some moisture to proceed with normal growth.

I will be turning the irrigation on my home orchard immediately and until we get sufficient rain. Please pray or think rain rain rain. Continuing sunshine in February does not really make another “beautiful day” as the weather people like to exclaim. We seriously need rain and need 14″. So even if we get a 1/2″, which may feel like alot of precipitation, you’ll still need to irrigate.

Check out Nancy’s “Neighbors in the Know” profile page.

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