Tips from the Neighborhood Safety Meeting May 26

Many thanks to officer Ray Cedeno of the San Jose Police Department for sharing a bunch of great tips and tricks for keeping your family, valuables and neighborhood safe.

  • You can get a bunch of information about crime rates and sex offenders at, and report nuisances like graffiti.
  • Program these numbers into your cell phone in case you ever need to get ahold of the police, they’ll ensure you get the fastest service possible. 408 277-8900 for non-emergencies, a la 311 calls, and 408 277-8911 for 911 emergencies. For non-urgent dispute resolution like mediation between neighbors, call 408-783-2327.
  • Email to send a note to the police responsible for our neighborhood.
  • Any solicitors knocking on the door should have a permit.
  • Engrave items with your drivers license so stolen items can be identifed as evidence, and increase your chances of recovery. You can borrow an engraver at any city of SJ library.
  • Don’t put your valuables in your dresser, that’s the first place burglars check. Put them someplace unusual. We’d give some examples, but then they wouldn’t be very original or unusual, would they?
  • August 2 is National Night out, a great opportunity for neighbors to come out front, socialize and get to know each other. Organize one for your block!

Map of Willow Glen from 1927
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