Willow Glen Real Estate Update; July 26, 2013

There are 86 properties for sale in Willow Glen right now, and it is about a 50/50 chance that if you see a sign in front of a property that it will already be pending because the average time on market right now is a scant 18 days, way down from 44 days this week last year.

There were only 13 sales this week, with an average sales price of $892,958 which is lower than the average this week last year, $911,411. Overall though, the average sale price this month has been 11% higher than July of 2012.

Here is a list and map of the 38 properties in 95125 that will be host open houses this weekend. And here’s a list and map of all 24 homes that have come up for sale in Willow Glen in the last 7 days

There were only 8 homes on tour this week. Here are two of the standouts:

  • Hicks hot tub1486 Hicks Avenue is a real nice 4/2.5 bath on an 11,550 lot, listed for $1,698,000, and I think this house is owned by a Shark player. The fun front living room with letter art and amazing hottub in the back were two of the highlights.
  • 1018 Glen Brook Avenue is a sweetheart of a house in prime Willow Glen it is a 2 bed 2.5 bath with 6732 lot listed at $799,000. This one, while in original condition is in a ‘stroll to the Ave.’ location and will be scooped up at over asking price quickly.

There are a few gems coming on market, if you are interested in hearing what is coming, call me at 408-887-3225 or email me at Holly@HollyBarr.com.