The road diet is in full swing this morning! Change is always tricky and takes t…

A few days early, the road diet is in full swing this morning! The city DoT did the painting last night because of rain in the forecast for this weekend. Change is always tricky and takes time to get used to. Please remember to always be charming. The crossing lights may not be working so please use those flags! Thank you charmer Debbie for the video!

Road Diet Crosswalk Crew Gets to Work

The DoT’s road diet work crew was at it again last night, this time with paint cans in hand, and night owl Greg caught them in the act.

They brightened up a couple crosswalks, added new ones for small perpendicular streets that didn’t have them, like Brace (La Villa) and Lester (WG Funeral Home), and painted “word warnings” in the new lanes of traffic so drivers know they’re coming up on crosswalks: new ones that say PED XING at El Abra (Rotten Robbies) and Brace, and redo’s of SLOW SCHOOL XING for the Broadway crosswalk where lots of kids cross Lincoln to get to River Glen Elementary School.

If you look closely you’ll see that they’ve marked out the new lane lines with “paint spots” every few feet. It’s subtle so as to not cause confusion with the existing lanes, but you can definitely get a feel for how it’s going to lay out. One last thing, they’ve marked out location of car sensors for the new dual left turn lanes at Lincoln and Minnesota.

Here's a look at the road diet work that went down on Lincoln last night. Shortl…

Here's a look at the road diet work that went down on Lincoln last night. Shortly after they got started, at around 10:00, Greg talked to "Ted the Button Popper King" who kicks things off by 1) popping up the little raised reflectors before 2) the paint is scraped away and 3) temporary reflective tabs are set up to re-mark the lanes. (in the old 4-lane configuration for now)

When Greg talked to Ted they were working the stretch between Nevada and Minnesota, and Ted said their goal was to get to Willow Street. When Greg checked in at 2:00am they were almost there, having stripped and tabbed their way to the Garden Theater, and setting up cones all the way to El Abra by Manley's Donuts.

I don't know how long into the night they work but it's even later than Greg, so we'll have to let you know how far they made it later. We will of course keep you posted as we see and hear more.